Ulka Anjaria

Professor of English, Brandeis
Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
Novel Forms: Literary Realism and Imaginations of Modernity in India, 1930-1940
Ulka Anjaria

Professor Anjaria teaches and researches South Asian literature and film. Her first book, Realism and the Twentieth-Century Indian Novel: Colonial Difference and Literary Form (Cambridge UP, 2012) was a study of the mid 20th-century Indian novel, focusing on the movement of progressive writing that became dominant in the lead-up to Indian independence. Her second book, Reading India Now: Contemporary Formations in Literature and Popular Culture (Temple UP, 2019), considers the relationship of contemporary Indian literature and film to new political imaginaries in India. She has also published articles on Bollywood, queer Indian writing, 21st-century realism, and Pakistani literature, and is the editor of A History of the Indian Novel in English (Cambridge UP, 2015).