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MTL is the place where people do the “studies” - ethnic studies, gender studies, media studies, sciences studies, and so on. I was able to obtain an excellent training in three interdisciplinary fields, working with faculty from several disciplines, including the sciences.

- Sarah Richardson 


Thursday, February 22, 2024. 4:00pm
Building 460, Margaret Jacks Hall
450 Jane Stanford Way, Building 460, Stanford, CA 94305
Room 426


Recent News

Photos by Robbie Sweeny/Word for Word

Christian Jimenez, clockwise from front left, Ryan Tasker, Carolina Morones, Lisa Hori-Garcia, Rudy Guerrero in “Citizen.”

From SF ChronicleSalvador keeps reminding himself to wait and observe. Speak too soon or make a sudden move, and the mysterious beings in this new land of Santa Rosa might eat him alive. But if he restrains himself, he doesn’t just retain his power; dreams might take root and flower in his mind.
A new book by Shane Denson explores the intersections of biodata and media art and how predictive algorithms are reshaping perceptions of the human body.
Congratulations to MTL second-year Michelle Ha for winning the 11th annual Korea Program Prize for Writing in Korean Studies, for her paper "Beyond Diaspora: Racial Capitalism and Empire in Kim Young-ha’s Black Flower"!