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Co-term FAQ

(From the Registrar's website, subject to change) Eligibility for a co-term graduate application fee waiver is based on the Financial Aid Office’s evaluation of your need-based aid application.  Those from families with income below $125,000 and typical assets for that income range will qualify. The waiver is automatically applied and no special request is necessary. The application fee is not charged unless you are accepted and matriculate into a coterm program.

MTL does not provide any funding to co-term students. In rare cases, co-terms are able to find T.A.ships with other departments but incoming students should not count on this. For more information about Financial Aid, please visit the Financial Aid office or check out the Registrar's website.

The co-term is open to students from all majors. However, there is an expectation that students have sufficient background in literature and/or cultural studies to be able to participate fully in graduate level courses.

Applications are due on February 15th or the next business day following (if the 15th is a weekend or holiday).

Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of the MTL Program to determine an appropriate advisor and course of study. It is important to have an advisor who is familiar with the expectations of the MTL program prior to completing your application.  One of your letters of recommendation should come from your prospective advisor.

No. We do not require GRE scores.

No.  You must be a currently enrolled Stanford undergraduate to earn a co-terminal M.A. with MTL.

No. MTL has one deadline for co-term applications (February 15th, or the first business day following).  Applications are not screened until after the due date.

The number is at the discretion of the director of the program.  There have been years where no co-terms were admitted.  The maximum number in recent years was 3.

Per Stanford University rules, you can only submit an application for one co-terminal program at a time.

No. All applications must be submitted through the Admit online portal system.  If recommenders are having trouble uploading recommendation letters, those may be emailed directly to Amy Potemski at