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Timeline to PhD Degree Progress

First Year

  • MTL 334A: Concepts of Modernity I
  • MTL 334B: Concepts of Modernity II
  • MTL 334C: Intro to Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Coursework over next 2 years includes 8 courses in modern literary studies, 8 in non-literature departments
  • Competency in first language certified
  • Submit Preliminary Interdisciplinary Statement
  • Begin work on Qualifying Paper

Second Year

  • Coursework continues
  • English 396L, Laboratory in Pedagogy
  • One quarter Teaching Assistantship (TA) in English
  • Qualifying Paper completed and presented
  • Application for Ph.D. Minor, if appropriate
  • File for Ph.D. candidacy / file Interdisciplinary Statement
  • Form Orals Committee and begin reading

Third Year

  • Required coursework completed (all incompletes cleared)
  • One quarter as TA in English or other department
  • Competency in 2nd language certified
  • Oral Exam passed
  • Form dissertation Committee and develop dissertation topic
  • Students with prior MA file for Terminal Graduate Registration (TGR) status (student no longer enrolled in courses)

Fourth Year

  • Dissertation research and writing
  • Students without prior MA file for TGR status
  • Apply for dissertation fellowships


  • Dissertation Colloquium after first chapter
  • Dissertation research and writing
  • Teach PWR if offered position; apply to teach PWR
  • Apply for fellowships
  • Defense of dissertation
  • File dissertation
  • Apply for research and teaching positions


Click Here for A Resource for Advisors and Students (PDF)