Sarina McCabe


Through her PhD, Sarina hopes to formalize an interdisciplinary model for Trauma Studies, drawing from methodologies and findings across Psychology, Anthropology, Epigenetics, and Neuroscience, as well as examining contemporary literary representations of trauma. As a scholar with clinical experience, she is invested in cultivating diversity of evidence and valuing many forms of data, whether it comes from an archive, a lab, an oral history, or an intuition. 

She intends to illuminate trauma informed care practices that pre-date institutionalized American medicine’s conceptualizations of trauma, including the world of community-centered practitioners such as Black midwives and Latina parteras. 

Sarina comes to MTL with an eclectic background and many hats, having worked in construction & manual labor, mental health care, the nonprofit sector, lab science, higher education administration, and the publishing industry. She balances reading with her love of art, as a practicing writer and dancer. 


Research Interests

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