Paul Wallace

Graduation Year
Paul Wallace
Paul researches videogames, immersive theater, virtual reality, and simulation design. His work focuses on three main lines of inquiry: 1) The mechanics of spatial storytelling, 2) Simulation design and the ethics of participatory systems, and 3) A theory of exploration. This work has led to a grant-winning interdisciplinary workshop researching videogame mechanics, published experimental journalism on virtual reality and immersive theater, and a master’s thesis on the ethics of Cold War-era war games and science simulations. Prior to Stanford, Paul worked as a lead producer on such projects as “Marvel Universe Live”, the “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag” trailers, and the “Port Huron Project”. He holds a BA in art-semiotics from Brown University.


Research Interests

Field of Interest
Game Studies, Performance Studies, Media Studies, Art Practice