Lucas (Luke) Williams

Lucas (Luke) Williams

How do we think with (and through) the body?

Luke’s research springs from this question to explore the sociopolitical possibilities of a corporeal framework. As feminist thinker Beverly Harrison postulates: “all knowledge, including our moral knowledge, is body-mediated knowledge.” Grounded within dance studies, Luke seeks to explore the power contained in the body. He draws upon the rich traditions of Black Cultural Studies, Performance Studies, and African-American Literature—fields that have long thought about the body—to augment his research. Luke is especially interested in the mutable definitions of “body,” “movement,” and “power” in the contemporary moment.

His interests are reflected in his continuing dance practice, where he explores similar questions.

Luke completed his B.A. in 2018 at the University of Virginia.


Research Interests

Field of Interest
Dance and Performance Studies; Black Studies; Social and Political Theory, African-American History, Art History, African-American Literature