Katja Schwaller

Katja Schwaller

Katja’s research is located at the intersection of techno-utopics, labor, and the built environment. Her current work explores urban imaginaries and emergent new company towns of big tech corporations and other actors of the innovation industry. In particular, she is interested in the reconfiguration of work and life, public and private, and the neoliberal subjectivities crafted within such themed environments and networked communities. Before coming to Stanford, Katja earned a Master of Arts in Urban Affairs from the University of San Francisco and a Diploma in Translation from SAL Höhere Fachschule für Sprachberufe in Zurich, Switzerland.

She is the editor, translator, and co-author of a German edited volume on big tech and urban struggles in the San Francisco Bay Area entitled Technopolis: Urbane Kämpfe in der San Francisco Bay Area, Berlin/Zürich 2019: Assoziation A/Seismo Verlag.



Research Interests

Field of Interest
Media and Technology Studies, Urban Studies, Anthropology of Work, Critical Theory, Late Capitalism