Gordana P. Crnković

Professor of Slavic and Comparative Literature, Cinema and Media; University of Washington, Seattle
Graduation Year
Dissertation Title
American, English and Eastern European Literature Against Closure: A Dialogical Perspective
Gordana P. Crnković
Gordana P. Crnković got her BAs in Comparative Literature and Philosophy at the University of Zagreb, Croatia, and her MA (1991) and Ph.D (1993) at Stanford's MTL. Her research interests are in Yugoslav and post-Yugoslav literature, American and English literature, and East European cinemas. Crnković is the author of <Post-Yugoslav Literature and Film:  Fires, Foundations, Flourishes> (2012, paperback 2014), <Imagined Dialogues: Eastern European Literature in Conversation with American and English Literature> (2000), and of some forty book chapters and articles. She co-edited <In Contrast: Contemporary Croatian Film Today>, with Aida Vidan, and <Kazaaam! Splat! Ploof!:  The American Impact on European Popular Culture, since 1945>, with Sabrina P. Ramet. Gordana also wrote and read texts for an experimental video and an unorthodox lecture on the city of Zagreb, <Zagreb Everywhere>, a collaboration made with with a video artist Victor Ingrassia and a musician David Hahn. The video can be viewed at: http://vimeo.com/45275095. Crnković's teaching spans a wide variety of courses, from the large undergraduate courses, such as “Introduction to Literature” or the “Cinema of Roman Polanski,” to more specialized upper-division courses such as “East European Directors in the West, a Comparative Perspective,” or graduate seminars on the novel in Europe and the US.