Blokker Research Workshop: Arts + Justice. "Embodying Justice"

Thu October 27th 2022, 4:30 - 6:00pm
In person and online

Roble Gym, Roble Gym Lounge
375 Santa Teresa Street, Stanford, CA 94305

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Event Details:

From Roe v. Wade to the AIDS epidemic, from carcerality to corporal punishment, from birth to death— Justice shapes, scripts, and performs notions of the Body. This panel asks...How do intuitions, techniques, and ideas of Justice attempt to exert control over or liberate the body? What roles do art and performance, broadly defined, play in these processes? How does Justice perform the body? How might the body perform Justice?  
Dr. Alicia Andrzejewski
"Reproductive Justice in Shakespeare's Plays"
Dr.Andrzejewski is an Assistant Professor in William & Mary’s English department, a scholar of early modern literature and culture; queer, feminist, and critical race theory; and the medical humanities. Her work has appeared in Shakespeare Studies, Shakespeare Bulletin, The Chronicle, Literary Hub, American Theater, The Boston Globe, Catapult, Outside Magazine, Electric Literature, and other publications. Her current book project, Queer Pregnancy in Shakespeare’s Plays, argues for the transgressive force of pregnancy in his oeuvre and the expansive ways in which early modern people thought about the pregnant body.
Dr. Henry Washington, Jr., MTL Alum 2022
"Looking to Be Included in DuBois’s The Philadelphia Negro”
Henry Washington, Jr. is an interdisciplinary scholar of race, gender, and aesthetics in the postslavery United States. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Wesleyan University. His research and teaching draw on the methods of literary criticism, performance theory, visual cultural analysis, and black feminist and trans theories to examine how dominant regimes of knowledge construct and maintain “difference” to justify the uneven distributions of power that would otherwise betray the West’s performance of democracy. His writing appears in Women & Performance and is forthcoming in Camera Obscura.
Rochelle Wilbun
Rochelle Jamila Wilbun is a dancer, doula, and Reiki practitioner based in Brooklyn. Her path to the healing arts began as a child growing up in Memphis, TN where she learned the transcendent power of dance. Upon graduating from Columbia University with a B.A. in Dance and Women’s, Gender, & Sexuality Studies, Rochelle found Reiki, herbalism, and meditation as tools for wellness and transformation. Rochelle became a full spectrum doula in 2018 after learning about the maternal health crisis and wishing for better support and information during her own reproductive journey.